Paul Thompson
Developer for Hire

Updated Resume

I have added new newest work in my updated resume. This resume highlight the contract work in PHP Web development that I have done, as well as the current Oracle work I am doing now.


I’m in the process of designing an API for It will be XML-RPC. Post an XML to the addresses, and get an XML response back, or JSON, if desired. Here is how I’m approaching this: POST and XML to: apiServer.php?type=XML <method_call> <method name=”get_sermon_ids”> <parameter name=”username”>gfc</parameter> <parameter name=”password”>****</parameter> <parameter name=”limit”>5</parameter> <parameter name=”sortOrder”>desc</parameter> </method> </method_call> RESPONSE: Read more about New API[…]


So I’ve been using jQuery is some of my consulting work, and I cannot believe I haven’t been using it before! Stuff that had taken line upon line of javascript, searching the DOM, removing it, etc, now becomes: $(‘#id’).remove();


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